High Noon's classroom is easy to find and just minutes from several major thoroughfares.

High Noon has a nice, comfortable classroom! We don't use folding steel chairs and tables and we don't try to squeeze in 10 to many people. We take regular breaks so our students can stretch their legs or make those important calls. We have a microwave and refrigerator so you can bring your lunch, snacks, and drinks and keep them cool or warm them up!


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High Noon's Shooting Range: We use .22 Caliber ammunition/pistols for CCW certification. We typically have students fire 3 different style/size guns in .22 caliber. Unlike some other Ranges, we do not charge for gun rental or ammunition.




We at High Noon, believe that all people, have the basic right and instinct to DEFEND themselves against an imminent threat. And to DEFEND those who can't defend themselves, by any and all means necessary, including lethal force as a last option.


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At High Noon Firearms Training, safety is paramount. It is absolutely the most important and stressed thing we talk about in our classroom and practice on the Range!

Our CCW classes are taught as if everyone in the class is a novice at handling guns. There is no such thing as being too safe when handling Firearms!! Students are not permitted to possess guns or ammunition in the classroom.

All Range activities are Supervised by an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer!



To register for classes. Click the button to the right. Saturday CCW Classes are $69. Check our other options like our weekday specials on our Pre-Registration Page.  Thanks for choosing High Noon!!